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The wonders of the space bar…

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‎”Scientists plan a mission to probe ur anus”
“It would give scientists their first close-up views of ur anus”
“…go in orbit to study the rings around ur anus and answer questions such as why it gives off so little heat.”
“Ur anus – first spotted by Sir William Herschel from Bath, England, in 1781 – also has the most powerful wind observed in the solar system, blowing at more than 500mph.”
“…ur anus was given a mighty whack by another world in a cosmic collision.”
“”We’ve only really scratched the surface of ur anus.”
“Ur anus is ripe for learning a lot from.”
“One of the big mysteries about ur anus is that it doesn’t emit much heat at all.”
“There is so little heat coming from inside ur anus”
* “…travel the vast distance to ur anus”


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